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Quality management

As a supplier to the faucets industry we have a modern and well-structured quality management system. For us quality does not only mean fulfilling all the necessary product requirements. For us it also means intensive customer care. We supply products in the right quantity at the right time to meet all customer requirements. And we always keep an eye on opportunities for optimization and rationalization.


Although we are not certified we strictly observe norms and standards and ensure that these are fully implemented. Our maxim has always been: “The important thing is not the certificate you can show but the way you work!” We are audited regularly by our customers who complement the generally applicable norms with their own. With the process, testing and organizational instructions which we implement we can monitor every field within the company.



 CNC-Coordinate-measuring machine


No. Manufacturer

In use since

Measuring range Software


Measuring head

1 Mitutoyo 2005  500x700x400mm  MCOSMOS-1 SCR 200

PH 10T

2 Mitutoyo 2014  500x700x400mm  MCOSMOS-1 SCR 200

PH 10T

3 Mitutoyo 2014  500x700x400mm  MCOSMOS-1 SCR 200

PH 10T

4 Mitutoyo 1995  500x700x400mm Geopack-3 SCR 200

PH 10T